Interlake Teachers Association Collective Agreement

(a) The provisions of the collective agreement do not apply to substitute teachers, unless expressly provided for in section 17.03, the substitute. (ii) When a substitute has a continuous job in a position (1) for a period of five or more (5) days of course, the payment is equal to two hundredths (1/200) of the basic salary of the replacement instructor covered in Article 9, the salary plan of that agreement for each day of employment in the aforementioned position. b) Replacement teachers are required, in each school year, to perform a replacement instructor contract in the attached form as “E.” The Association frees the department from all losses, expenses, expenses or expenses incurred by the department as a result of lawsuits arising from the deduction of the rights of the Manitoba Teachers` Society, to the extent required by the association, and is entitled to take charge and execute such legal actions and to settle them, as it sees fit. c) The treatment is valid on the first day of fall 2014. For a full day in one (1) school or two (2) half-days on the same day in different schools, but if a substitute teaches only half (1/2) of a day, the rate applies to such a half-day: all substitutes with a good reputation are required to pay the costs of the Manitoba teachers` society, these fees are deducted each month and are aniseed on the basis of the number of days provided this month. Manitoba`s honorary teachers society . . (iii) There is no substitute for a higher rate of pay than the maximum rate of pay in the base salary plan for a Class IV teacher. . . . Non-teaching staff (IEE) Collective Agreement (administrative assistants/E.A./Librarian) The following collective agreements are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Click on the logo below to get a free reader. Interlake School Division Bus Drivers` Association (ISDBDA) Collective Agreement CUPE 2972 Collective Agreement (Custodians/Bus Mechanics) (iv) The department reimburses each substitute teacher the same remuneration as the teacher is replaced for travel between a contract involving two schools or construction sites under the jurisdiction of the department.

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