Limelight By Alcone Beauty Guide Agreement

Customer Care Center Email: At LimeLife, we encourage cooperation in the competition. To help us define this ideal and create a positive and cooperative environment for all, we ask that everyone follow the guidelines and procedures of beauty Guide LimeLife. Please read these guidelines and agree to do your best to keep them by clicking on the spot below. This agreement (and any other rules, directives or guidelines that are inserted by reference) is governed by the laws of NY, United States, and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of NY, United States, without the principles of legal conflict coming into force. Please read these terms and conditions of sale carefully (“Agreement,” “Terms and Conditions”) before using (“the website”), operated by Alcone Company (“we,” “us” or “our”). This contract sets out the legally binding conditions for your use of the website on There`s a problem with your app. Please do not resubmit your application and contact our Customer Care Center for more information. Wholesale price: All Alcone LimeLight products have a recommended selling price and can be purchased by beauty guides at a “wholesale” price that is 20% less than the SRP.

This difference between the SRP and the wholesale price can be considered a discount or discount, depending on how the funds are received from the company, and is called commission. With the approval of TermsFeed`s terms of use generator This agreement was finally amended on December 27, 2013. Company: The LimeLight of Alcone Corporate or Home Office. Enrollee: A registered or newly registered beauty guide. Compensation plan: Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “marketing plan,” the compensation plan is actually only part of the company`s overall marketing plan. The compensation plan is the official set of the company`s definitions and performance requirements, as published in LimeLight by Alcone Beauty Guide Manual, with which it paid beauty guides. By accessing or using the Site in any way, including, but not limited to visiting or browsing the site or making content or other documents available on the site, you accept these terms and conditions of sale. The activated terms are defined in this agreement. The website and its original content, features and features are owned by Alcone Company and protected by copyright, trademark, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property or property laws. Personal Retail Value (PVR): The total retail value (SRP-based) of all products you have purchased or sold by you to your retail customers (including Shine On Program members), whether in a beauty show, individually or online, during a given salary period, is your “personal retail value” for that salary period.

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