Sadis Agreement

Article 218, paragraph 9, of the EUTC applies regardless of whether the Union is a member of the institution or a party to the agreement 1 . The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization is an agreement-created body, the International Civil Aviation Convention. Article 218, paragraph 9, of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE) provides for decisions defining “the positions to be taken on behalf of the Union within an agreement-instituted body, when that body is invited to adopt acts with legal effects, with the exception of acts that complement or modify the institutional framework of the agreement”. Support the amendments, with the exception of the obligation, introduced by Amendments 44, 37 or 23, of the air operator to carry certified copies of the Article 83 bis agreement in an aircraft to which such an agreement applies. There is no safety advantage to this incriminating requirement. This amendment must therefore be rejected. However, it is proposed to remove the operator`s obligation to carry with him certified copies of the section 83 bis agreement in an aircraft subject to such agreement. This requirement has no use for security and information can be provided by other means. B, for example, an ICAO repository, or by creating the requirement for States Parties to publish such agreements, to publish them on their website. The proposed amendment provides the Secure Aviation Data Information Service (SADIS) and WAFS Information File Service (WIFS) with surface forecasts for low-level flights established and established in accordance with the regional air navigation contract. Changing the requirement for aviation users will provide a more comprehensive set of AIRMET and GAMET data, which will benefit SADIS and wif users worldwide. 2.2.14.Inclusion of heavy dust storms in tables A4-1 and A6-1B related to the rise and descent of special air reports It is proposed to modify the model maps listed in Schedule 3 of Schedule 3 of A1 to present the location and extent of volcanic ash clouds. In this context, the proposal highlights the need to address deficiencies in the existing VAG and MODEL SVA models, which are used in Schedule 1, including map projections, polygon representation to describe volcanic ash cloud coverage and cloud layers.

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