Trustee Services Agreement

RWG reserves the right to amend or amend, at any time and without notice, this Agreement and all the directives or agreements it contains, at its sole discretion. These changes or changes will take effect immediately after publication on the site. If you do not agree to be bound by this agreement, as it was last revised, as indicated by the “last revision” date at the end of this agreement, do not use or continue to use the services. RWG may occasionally notify you by email of changes or changes to this Contract or Services, so it is very important that you keep your account information up to date and up to date. RWG is not responsible and is not responsible for your failure to receive an email notification if such an error is due to inaccurate or outdated account information. The agent must perform all the duties entrusted to you and required of RWG in your capacity under this Contract, as well as all other agreements executed in accordance with Section 2, in order to protect your interests and the domain name, unless it violates the laws in a jurisdiction where the domain name is accessible , or that your agreements with RWG oppose or oppose it. or agreements with the respective registration of the domain name. Fiduciary liberality when the client mentions in the trust agreement a third beneficiary to whom the goods (funds) should be transferred by the agent. This usually occurs in inheritance, will, will or gift by the client. The rules of forced hereditary will be respected, which are in accordance with public order. Therefore, this transaction may be possible in countries where the rules on forced heirs are not applicable.

the retention agreement in securitization funds in which the management company of a securitization fund considers the assets of the fund as and on behalf of investors. The assets are therefore separated by law. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on the purpose of this purpose and replaces all previous agreements, oral or oral, between the parties with respect to the object. All provisions of this Agreement that are found invalid or unenforceable in a jurisdiction are invalidated or unenforceable to the extent of that disability or inapplicability in that jurisdiction, without the other provisions of this Agreement being invalidated or unenforceable, or impairing the validity or inapplicability of any of the terms of this Contract in another jurisdiction.

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